Raw Cocoa Powder

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Glowing Skin + Anti-Aging + Antioxidant
West African Brown Gold.
Smell It. Love It. Handmade in Ghana.
Use This Goodness For: 
Chocolatey hot drinks.
Cocoa-fy coffee.
Sprinkle on fruits, cereals or porridge.
Boost salads.
For yoghurt and smoothies.

100% Raw Cocoa Powder - Nothing else.

Per 100g

Nutritional Information:

Fat 2.46%

Protein 19.82%

Carbohydrate 55.10%

Energy (Kcal/100g) 321.81

Sodium Mg/Kg 4405.54

Potassium Mg/Kg 2132.96

Calcium Mg/Kg 12.365.12

Sustainably Sourced. Keep Closed When Not in Use.

Refrigerate for Long Life. Store in A Cool, Dry Place