About Us

Our Foundation

We are unashamedly Christian, and we run our business accordingly. We put God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit first in all that we do, say and think in our business and our personal lives and we believe in all that God says in the Bible.

The Past

Sankofa Imports was established as a result of a trip to Ghana, Africa in 2018.

My wife and I realized that the consumer was being deprived of top-quality world-class products that countries like Ghana and others within the African continent have to offer.

As a result of this, in July of 2019 we established Sankofa Imports LLC as the solution.

The Present

It is our mission to make readily available to the American consumer, predominantly in an online retail format and other channels, a wide and ever-increasing variety of culturally unique as well as common consumer goods produced or manufactured wholly within the continent of Africa which include but are not limited to the following categories: Women's & Men Fashion Accessories, Coffee's & Tea's, Home Decor, Hair & Skin Care Product.

The Future

We not only see the current gap in the marketplace with regard to African consumer goods that we can fill now but given the ever-growing diverse culture that makes up America, we also see a greater need in the future to make available to a growing number of consumers an expanding variety of quality consumer goods from all countries in Africa.

Sankofa Imports