Minga Foods

Rita, seated on the right, from Moringa Connect greeted us upon our arrival to the company's headquarters in Ghana.


She spoke with us about how the main ingredient Moringa for all of their product is grown and harvested in the north of Ghana.


The Moringa seeds are brought to the headquarters where they are sorted and pressed to extract the Moringa oil. The seeds are edible and they have a high tannin content but they are also very sweet.


The company employs at the headquarters between 20 and 30 people, depending on the season.

Moringa Connect, established in 2013, is comprised of two divisions: Minga Foods which offers only food products such as teas, powders, and energy bars & True Moringa which offers all of the oil based products such as the cleansers, oils, mists, etc.

The owner, Kwami is a native Ghanaian, who holds a degree in aerospace engineering from MIT. He was offered a position at NASA but turned it down to pursue the establishment of a company that would not only bring to market the beneficial Moringa based food and skin care products but also, as a result assist the Moringa farmers in the northern part of Ghana.