Peini Natural Shea Butter Shower Gel

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  • Peini African Black Soap with Shea Butter Shower Gel delivers a deluxe antiseptic rich lather for gentle deep skin cleansing.
  • Peini Shower Gel is formulated from 100% Palm oils and fats.
  • Unlike other shower gels, Peini is made of entirely NATURAL ingredients.
  • Indulge your skin with Peini luxurious high lathering shower gel which is formulated 100% palm oils and fats, coconut and shea trees.
  • It is saponified with organic biomass potash, making it so different from competing products most of which are made using petro chemicals.
  • A shower with Peini Natural 100% African Black Soap with Shea Butter based Shower Gel will leave your body feeling and looking really clean and fresh.
  • A little squeeze goes a long way.