Our Partners, Our Suppliers

In keeping with the meaning behind the word sankofa (go back and get what's yours), we have not only gone back and retrieved for those who are unable to go back, but we have also gotten to know on a personal level, the owners and/or representatives of each company that we purchase from.

At every visit to each of the small business owner/crafts person that we purchase from, we were greeted with open arms and a warm and welcoming reception.

In most cases, they were 'over the moon' about how we came halfway across the world just to see firsthand and get to know them personally.

We too were elated to greet and get to know them in person.

But that is one of our many goals which is to see, touch, smell, and in some cases taste and listen to each of the products that we purchase so that we can relay to you the truth about the quality of the products that we offer.

After all, we have, and will continue to go back and get the best that the continent of Africa has for you.

This section of our business allows you to see the associated faces and get to better know the people behind the products that we provide you.